PMR Integration with Analyst

Clinic Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service 2020-21

Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2023/24

Coventry and Warwick Partnership NHS Trust EHC Service

NHS 111 DMIRS Referral Service

Discharge Medicines Service – Managing DMS referrals

Discharge Medicines Service - Sending DMS referrals to community pharmacy

Durham NRT Voucher Guide – Advisor 2023

Durham NRT Voucher Guide - Pharmacy 2023

West Sussex Smoking Cessation – GP Practices

Hospital Referral Care Home Discharge

Lambeth SLAM Needle Exchange Service

NHS Pharmacy Contraception Service Guide

NHS Community Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service

NHS Smoking Cessation Service – Hospital Trust

National hypertension case finding service

National hypertension case finding service - Integrated Services

North Central London CCG Minor Ailments Service

Numsas Integrated Service Guide

PCN Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service 2021-22

PDS and SCR 1-Click PharmOutcomes functionality

Advanced Service Flu 2020/21

PharmOutcomes PreConsult Information Video

PharmRefer CPCS

Community Pharmacy Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2022-23

West Sussex Smoking Cessation - Updated April 2023

Welcome to the PharmOutcomes training video for the updated West Sussex Smoking Cessation Service. The updates to the service will become live from the 1st of April 2023

Prescription request Pending Supply of original

Rejected Referrals

Numsas - Using the Personal Demographic Service and accessing the Summary Care Record

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Service 2022/23 PCN

Transfer Of Care Referral and Virtual Hospital

Virtual Hospital Demo

Outcomes4Health COVID Vaccination Solution animation

Delivery of COVID Vaccination Services - Vaccination Centre Model Updated

Delivery of COVID Vaccination Services - Vaccination Centre Model

Delivery of COVID Vaccination Services - Local Vaccination Model

CPCS Introduction Video Guide

CPCS Video 2 – Completing the Pharmacy Follow up stage


Web based Hospital Referrals (TCAM)

Transfer of Care - Referral from Hospital

Transfer of Care - Referral to Community Pharmacy

Hospital Referral - Electronic Dispensing Methods

Smoking Cessation 1. Registration

Smoking Cessation 2. Weekly Support Session

Smoking Cessation 3. Quit Outcome Appointment

Smoking Cessation 2. Champix PGD Supply